Our Story

Who Is BioForward?

At BioForward, we have the vision and resources to grow Wisconsin’s companies developing high-tech value solutions that define the future of healthcare.


Vision. Boldly go where no association has gone before.

  • We are taking a leadership role and putting a stake in the ground.
  • Channel to change the state.
  • We have a non-partisan approach. We’re dedicated to the cause, not the politics.
  • We’re starting the movement that will make the future of healthcare.



We continually develop and implement initiatives that connect and grow companies:

  • Advocacy – Through both legislative and communication efforts, we promote the activities of Wisconsin’s bio-health companies.
  • Talent – We attract the next generation by articulating how they can make it in this industry and play a role in making a better future in the process.
  • Programming – We organize numerous industry events (such as the Bioscience Summit and the Annual Meeting) that attract renowned speakers and offer valuable educational and networking opportunities for members.
  • Select Savings – A group purchasing consortium with pre-negotiated rates to BioForward members—saving you money. We’ve negotiated with a diverse network of respected vendors to offer our members this benefit on a wide range of goods and services.

We are developing an identity for Wisconsin’s bio-health community so we can compete on the global stage and open the door for greater investment activity, as well as talent acquisition and retention:

  • We capture and share industry success stories to create a perception of critical mass regarding the existing bio-health talent and commercial activity in the state. We currently do this through:
    • Our Website
    • Newsletters
    • Events, Conferences & Talks
    • Public Relations
    • Social Media
    • We actively market investment opportunities to other international communities.



In Wisconsin, we have the opportunity to develop unique solutions by pulling together these diverse sectors:

  • Wisconsin’s Bio-Health Companies:
    • Health IT
    • Diagnostics
    • Therapeutics
    • API Manufacturing
    • Medical Devices
    • Life Science Services, instrumentation & Reagents
    • World-renowned Research Institutions


BioForward was founded in 1987, as the Wisconsin Biotechnology Association, a partnership among leaders in Wisconsin’s emerging biotechnology industry. The association joined forces in 2002 with the medical device manufacturers, and became the Wisconsin Biotechnology and Medical Device Association. The organization was rebranded in 2009 as BioForward. Over the past decade our membership has grown to include key industry sectors across a broad cross-section of bio-health specialties including health IT, drug development, medical devices, and research instrumentation and reagents. Our focus starting in 2016 is advocating on behalf of Wisconsin’s industry strength in healthcare solutions and research. We have implemented a new logo and placed emphasis that BioForward represents this impactful industry for the state of Wisconsin.